Jorvik-Viking Wars. Life is feudal your own game serwer and mod

JORVIK MOD - avalible now!

Jorvik MOD is available for free to everyone. Download the server
and client packages and configure your own unique server.
Please post all bugs, questions, and suggestions about JorvikMOD on DISCORD.
Please note that Jorvik MOD changes some game files, so we recommend using the automatic update that is in BasilMod.


Current version of Jorvik MOD: 1.2.1
old versions

Jorvik MOD includes:
wooden_cross wooden bridge
stone_bridge small_wooden_shed
metal_cage wooden_pier
wooden_barricade stone_altar
wooden_house_with_tower wooden_church
pier_T pier_L
stone_tomb_with_cross Stone Bell Tower
thank you in advance for your financial and substantive support!